“Only The Winds” Interactive Website for Ólafur Arnalds

February 07, 2013

Today, Ólafur Arnalds launched an interactive audio-visual website to premiere the entire track “Only the Winds”, from his forthcoming album For Now I Am Winter.

In Ólafur’s own words, “The purpose of this application is to give you, the listeners, an opportunity to really look inside the song and explore what a big arrangement like that is really made of. You can take control over which parts of the song you actually hear… My hope with all this is that you get as lost in my songs as I do, exploring the endless possible combinations of instruments and meanings.”

Watch this video example then check out the application for yourself!

25th February 2013: International release
26th February 2013: US 4-track iTunes EP “Complete-My-Album”
25th March 2013: US release

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